About us

Paramount is a multinational family business

Paramount is a multinational family business that manufactures stairs for more than 93 years, throughout Europe and the USA.
Original, tailor-made creations based on international standards quality construction and design, tailored perfectly to your space.
The long experience and our unique name is the best guarantee for those who believe that a stair means much more than a connection between levels.

The constant search for new forms of planning and proper construction, art and architecture, makes us the leading company in the field of special stairs constructions.

Classic or modern stairs are designed and manufactured with an inexhaustible range of art and knowledge.

In the old days, the senior technician was the most capable and experienced.

"Show me how you make your ladder to tell you what an architect you are," said our great architect and grandfather of the family.
Today, with the help of electronic media we are able to support the design and detailed plans for any future staircase you may wish.
We construct stairs from wood glass and iron, corian and inox, circular or straight, classic or modern, with a single application and creativity that characterize the area that you will place them.
We create objects that are central to any space, residential or commercial.

Don't experiment, Paramount expects to fill all your aesthetic needs and create with you a comprehensive understanding of design and architecture for your dream staircase.

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